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Healing Touch


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Healing Touch

Healing Touch has become a “calling” for several members in the Church.

The service commences at 3.00pm on the third Sunday in the month.  Today the Healing Touch is a team venture with members of the congregation involved with organising and planning the services, and offering prayers for healing and wholeness of mind, body and spirit. 

The service comprises a period of praise and worship, a short word ministry, an opportunity for testimony, and an opportunity for people to come forward for healing.  We pray for those who are unable to attend the meeting and for those who are on the minds and in the hearts of those attending, in our congregation and also those who have contacted us for prayer. 

Many people who have no church background have come to this service and it has been the catalyst for healing and some of these have come to know Jesus for the first time.

Our team is dedicated in this work and we feel very humble that we and our Church have been chosen for His work and purpose in this area.  Our prayers and requests for healing are all done in the name of Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus knows your problems and as such you need not say anything to us.  There are times when it is appropriate to just sit with people.

If anyone prefers to receive prayer in private after the service one or two members of our team will stay with them and pray with them.

The needs of the congregation are met with strict confidentiality and compassion and we can be contacted 7 days a week on 07711 900 052 or the Circuit Office (0114) 248 9988 or e-mail

Many people have remarked on the warm and loving feeling that they feel on entering our small church; this is the love of God meeting you and welcoming you into His house as honoured guests.